How to train a Jack Russell puppy – Easy to read step by step guide

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How to train a Jack Russell puppy eBook download.

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Everything you need to know in the first few weeks and months of owning a Jack Russell terrier puppy. Bringing up a puppy is hard, no matter which breed. Jack Russells are lively, strong willed and loyal dogs that need rules set early on (they were bred to be working dogs after all). If not they can become obsessive, aggressive and suffer with separation anxiety.

As pup parents we always want to do the best for our dogs, but don’t have time to read the vast swathes of information on the internet, especially when we have sleep deprivation to deal with! That’s why we’ve created this eBook, designed for Jack Russells, to give you an easy step by step guide on how to train your Jack Russell puppy from an early age.

This book includes “The golden rules”, information on bringing a puppy home, a 10 step approach to toilet training, crate training (and why it’s important), chewing & teething, how to stop biting, health & vaccination requirements, and essential training & fun games that help your pup learn. Plus more helpful tips and advice, puppy checklists, and the one thing every pup owner wish they did from the start.

If your feeling like you don’t know where to start, or just want to double check you’re doing everything right, this eBook is for you!