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How to train a Jack Russell Terrier

Are Jack Russell Terriers easy to train? Well yes and no. The good news is that they are very smart little dogs that are eager to please. Plus they will do literally anything for a treat! Training a Jack Russell can be challenging though, they are strong-willed and it can sometimes seem like they are ignoring you on purpose.

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From the best natural food for your Jack Russell to what toys to buy that they can't destroy. Let us help you to make the best choices for your JR.


What to feed a Jack Russell Terrier


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Tips and tricks for training a Jack Russell Terrier


How to keep your Jack Russell in tip top condition

10 essential's every Jack Russell owner needs

Jack Russell's can be mischievous, loud and sometimes downright inappropriate! But that's why we love them, right? These top 10 essentials make life with a JR just that little bit more manageable.

Looking after a Jack Russell Terrier

Why do Jack Russell’s bark so much? It might be a sign of a nervous, bored or over-excited dog. Like with many behavioural issues, the key to a happy dog is a consistent calm approach to training, enough exercise and repetitive praise for the right behaviour.