Crate training & the best crate for a Jack Russell terrier

What is the best crate for a Jack Russell terrier?

If you are looking to find the right dog crate size for Jack Russell terriers there are a few things to consider. If you are crate training a Jack Russell puppy you need to find a crate that will last and be big enough for an adult dog too.

This guide will talk you through crate training Jack Russell terriers and help you to pick the best size crate for a Jack Russell.

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Jack Russell puppy crate training

We always advocate crate training a Jack Russell puppy. It has many benefits but the most important is that it keeps them safe.

As much as we always try to be there in the early weeks and months of dog ownership it’s inevitable that we will have to leave them alone at some point.

They are much safer in a confined area than loose in the house, plus they can’t chew whatever they want or eat things they shouldn’t!

We like to have one for bedtime, pups need undisturbed sleep (and so do we) and one for alone/down time during the day. But the same rules apply to both.

Crates for adult Jack Russell terriers

Got an older dog? Do not fear! Jack Russell terrier crate training can be done at any age, and the benefits are endless. Help your dog to relax and have their own ‘safe space’, it’s not just Jack Russell puppy’s that can benefit from a crate.

Using a dog crate for Jack Russell terriers is a great way to reduce destructive behaviour, create boundaries and promote a calm relaxing space for downtime.

How to crate train a Jack Russell terrier

Follow these simple steps to crate train your dog. You can also use baby gates and small fences to keep your puppy out of places they shouldn’t be – like the kitchen when you are cooking, or the front door when visitors arrive.

Top Jack Russell crate training tips

  • Cover the crate with a blanket – dogs love dens and feel safer if its covered.
  • Make sure there is always fresh water in the crate.
  • No need for a toilet pad, dogs won’t wee in their bed, if they do it means they’ve been left too long without a toilet break.
  • Make sure there’s a safe chew toy in there like a Kong, choose one they love that they only get when their in the crate.
  • Feed them in the crate regularly. Sprinkle biscuits in the bed to make a fun sniffing game, you want your pup to enjoy going in the crate.
  • Try not to disturb them when inside the crate, it’s their safe space. As they get older dogs can get grumpy if they get picked up too much.
  • Teach children to leave dogs alone when in the crate.
Crate for a Jack Russell terrier

Top Tip – Put something irresistible in the crate and lock your pup outside, they will be begging to get in there!

Travelling by car in a crate

Dog crates are also really useful on the go. It’s against the law to have a dog loose in the car, legally they should be safely restrained so they don’t distract the driver and cause an accident.

There are pet car seats and dog seat belts available, but for complete peace of mind a soft carry crate is a great way to keep your dog safe in the car.

You may find that a nervous dog or a Jack Russell suffering from travel sickness will actually feel much safer in a dog crate if introduced correctly.

What is the best size crate for a Jack Russell terrier?

The best size crate for a Jack Russell

What size crate should you get for a Jack Russell? Your dog should be able to move around freely inside their crate. There needs to be room for their bed, water, and a couple of chew toys. But it doesn’t need to be huge, they are supposed to be resting in there after all!

What size crate to get for a Jack Russell puppy? This one is easy, get one that’s big enough for an adult dog. Nobody wants to waste time and money on new cages when the old one is too small. You should have a good idea of your puppy’s adult size from seeing the parents when you picked them up.

The best size crate for a Jack Russell

A good general size would be a medium crate for a Jack Russell. This would be around 60cm (L) x 42 (W) x 44cm (H). Sizes do vary by manufacturer.

Measure the crate size for your Jack Russell by taking the length from their nose to the base of their tail. Allow for double the length of their body, so a 30cm dog = a 60cm dog crate.

The No. 1 best crate for Jack Russell terrier

We love this foldable pet carrier from Bunty Pet Products, it has handy carry straps and mesh sides so pets can see out.

Dogs love feeling secure, and will instantly warm to this fabric and mesh design. It’s sturdy too, meaning it will be sure to put up with any escape attempts!

This fabric dog crate is great for travelling as well, take it in the car, for a night away, or even abroad.

There are also lots of metal crates available to buy. They take up a bit more room and aren’t as easy to travel with, although most of them collapse to a flat pack.

Metal dog crates may be better if leaving your dog alone unsupervised for longer periods of time. They are impossible to chew through, so make for a safe space to confine your dog in.

Ideally dogs shouldn’t be left alone for more than 4 hours, no matter what age they are. They are pack creatures and don’t like to be left alone.

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