The top 25 cute Jack Russell terriers to follow on Instagram

If you’re reading this, you probably love cute Jack Russell terriers as much as we do! They have been proven to be one of the most loyal dog companions to us humans. In this article, we are going to tell you a bit more about Jack Russell terriers and introduce you to the best Jack Russell terriers to follow on Instagram!

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Not just Cute Jack Russell terriers…

This dog breed was originally born in England when a priest named John Russell wanted to have a hunting companion. In 1819, he started with an original white-coated Fox Terrier. He selectively bred it to become a Jack Russell terrier, to be a better hunting partner. 

Nowadays, this breed is very common because they are very good-looking, confident, and loyal. Today they are kept mainly as family pets, agility dogs or for pest control on farms.

Let’s show you some fantastic pictures of Jack Russell terriers. 

1. @Derick_the_jug

Derrick is a beautiful dog who was rescued when he was just 10 weeks old. From the UK, he is fun-loving and loves to eat. He is a Jack Russell Pug mix that loves the limelight. He is very bold and always wants to do his own thing.

2. @sally_soulmate 

Sally is a very intellectual kind of dog who is a great learner. She also teaches other dogs about food, first aid, toys, etc. Her birthday is on 1st March and she is from Germany. You can see from her profile that she is a kind of terrier who is very elegant and loves to be perfect and made-up all the time – she loves a selfie!

3. @Jackrussel.max_spike

This is a profile of two brothers Max and Spike. They give honest reviews about dog brands to help others. Max was born on 13/6/2019 and Spike was born on 9/5/2018. These inseparable sibling terriers share photographs with different dog accessories, they are promoters and dogfluencers.

cute Jack Russell terrier

4. @luna_the_terrier__ 

Luna is a very classy lady and she likes fetching things for her owner. She is a wire coat Jack Russell from Croatia. She will do anything for her dog mum, and loves a treat.

5. @lola.the.jack.russel

Lola is a cute female Jack Russell pup with a picture-perfect face. She is short haired and tri colour Jack Russell terrier. You can see a lot of reels and pics on her profile, she also collabs through DM. 

6. @brownie.jackrussel – 6180

Brownie is a pup fashion model and her 6000+ fans love her. Her followers also take part in many contests on her Instagram. She loves to be at home in the Netherlands and enjoys doing her own thing.

7. @tag_thejackrussell

This profile is full with Tags adventures and explores both him and his dad’s extraordinary life. Tag is a short haired Tan and White Jack Russell. Tag has also visited many famous places like Pisa, and is from Rome in Italy.

8. @jangothejug

What Jango lacks in size, he makes up for in personality. The professional photography shows off his markings, he is a black Jack Russell. Jango loves wearing dog accessories. You can see that he loves dressing up and wearing all the latest fashion.

9. @guusje_jrt 

Guusje is a female Jack Russell terrier that loves to pose for pictures. This black and white Jack Russell loves nothing more than playing with her bestie Freggle.

10. @Odieandmilo_jackrussells

This duo of dogs love adventures. Both brothers, Odie and Milo are from the Netherlands. Odie is a Blue Tan White Jack Russell, while Milo is a Blue Merle Jack Russell.

11. @jrtcorner

This is an Instagram profile that tells you everything you need to know about Jack Russell terriers. They have hoodies and t-shirts designed especially for Jack Russell owners. 

12. @flyingjacks 

This profile features Jack Russells flying high and catching things. You will see a lot of happy terriers here, to get featured use hashtag #flyingjacks.

13. @jackrussellcrew

Jack Russell Crew daily features a lot of cute Jack Russell photos for you. It is also an account that features terriers from all over the globe. You can send them your own photos to get featured.

14. @jackrussellterrieritalia

Are you a fan of terriers? This account is of an association in Italy where that provides care for terriers and gives education related to them. 

15. @jackrussellterrier.ig

This account is a must visit this account if you are a terrier fan. This profile has beautiful and cute pictures of Jack Russell terriers that you will absolutely love. 

16. @eddie_jackrussell

This cute Jack Russell fashion model is from Barcelona and was born on 7th August 2015. Eddie loves playing and enjoying time with his family – he is a pure family man. 

17. @melo_the_jack_russell_terrier

Melo is a dog influencer with a love for travelling and diving. Melo is also a football player and all round stud dog.

18. @terry_jack_russell

Terry is a 10 year old terrier influencer from London. Just look at his eyes and what a smiley face he has. Adorable! 

19. @jack_russell_terrier_lana

This cute Jack Russell is only 1 year and 6 months old and she is from Macedonia. This cutie is so tiny as she’s only a pup, but has already started to pose for the ‘gram. She will be a great influencer when she’s all grown up. 


 This Jack Russell Terrier Club is a daily life collection of Jack Russell terrier photos. It is a treat for terrier lovers. They also have cute tees with terrier logos for pup owners. 

21. @jack.russell.terrier.ins

This profile features terriers from all over the world. You can feature your terrier here too by tagging them in your pictures of Jack Russells.

22. @ed.jackrussell 

This doggie is just 2 years old, but he’s already so popular. They have a lot of followers from all over the world.

23. @oscar.jack.russell

This tiny terrier is only 4 years old and rocking his Insta feed. He doesn’t have many pictures but he is an expression king and lives in Croatia. 

24. @sammyandjop

Two top terriers from the Netherlands, Sammy and Jop are looking for adventure partners. Both of them are adorable and love doing different activities.

25. @jackrussellruvidi 

This is a beautiful family of rough coat Jack Russell terrier dogs. You can explore their life through their profile, it shows their entire life journey from childhood till now.

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