How old is my Jack Russell Terrier? Jack Russell life span & the secret 7 dog year lie

What is an average Jack Russell life span? What affects Jack Russell life expectancy? Does a Jack Russell terriers life span vary depending on where you live?

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How old is a Jack Russell in dog years?

If you’re wondering “How old is my Jack Russell Terrier in dog years?” you’ve come to the right place. While it’s common knowledge that one human year is the equivalent to seven dog years, it’s not a blanket rule. In fact it can vary hugely by breed, with some larger dogs only averaging the age of 10 while smaller dogs, like Jack Russells, average the grand old age of 15. This means dogs actually age at different rates. While a 10 year old Labrador might be 70 in dog years a 10 year old Jack Russell is actually only 42 and a half. 

How old is my Jack Russell Terrier?

how old is my jack russell in dog years

How long do Jack Russells live for?

How old do Jack Russell Terriers live? The average Jack Russell life span is anywhere between 13-16 years, but the average Jack Russell life expectancy in Britain is much higher due to nutritional diets and good healthcare. They can live well in to their late teens and early 20’s with the right diet and excercise.

Average Jack Russell terrier life span UK – 13 to 16 years

How old is the oldest Jack Russell terrier?

Britain oldest dog was believed to be a Jack Russell named Charlie who passed in 2018 aged 23! So how old do Jack Russells live to? It can totally depend on each individual. As long as they have a super happy, healthy life, we’re happy.

How old are Jack Russells when they stop growing?

Smaller breeds like JRs tend to reach full size before larger dogs. They can reach full height, usually around 25- 30cm, between 6-10 months. Often beginning to fill out in their second year, with the average weight for a Jack Russell being 6-8kg. But like us Jack Russell Terriers are all individuals and all develop at their own pace. If you are at all concerned about your Jack Russell puppies development please speak to your local vet for reassurance.

How to look after a Jack Russell

How long can a Jack Russell live for? Well of course it can vary. Looking after a Jack Russell can be hard work, from finding the right toys that your JR can’t destroy to learning how to train a Jack Russell the right way. Of course a key factor in prolonging Jack Russell life expectancy is health. Jack Russells need to be walked two or three times a day, depending on age and the length of the walk, they are active dogs and exercise is vital for not only their physical health but their mental health too. Playing is also a great way to keep your Jack Russell in a good condition and builds a strong bond between you and your dog. 

What’s a healthy weight for a Jack Russell Terrier?

Nutrition is of course hugely important in keeping Jack Russells healthy. What to feed a Jack Russell can depend on age, the amount of exercise and individual allergies. Often cheaper dogs foods can be high in cereals that can cause issues like bad breath and skin problems. Higher protein foods with natural ingredients can be a lot better for your dogs health. Even herbs can be added to a Jack Russells diet to contribute to a healthy balanced diet.

Generally speaking between 13 to 17 pounds is a healthy weight for a Jack Russell Terrier. How much should you feed a Jack Russell?

Anywhere between 450 to 650 calories per day should be enough to keep your dog healthy. Any more than that could be more than your JR needs and could cause other health problems. 

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