10 Accurate Jack Russell facts owners know all too well

These top 10 Jack Russell facts may not come as a surprise to veteran Jack Russell owners. These cheeky little chaps have big personalities and traits known all too well to every JR owner. But a few of these fun fact’s about Jack Russells might just surprise you. So for all of the Jack Russell information and facts your heart could possibly desire, read on.

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What are Jack Russell dogs like?

Jack Russell terrier facts JRT

Jack Russells are notoriously nosey, they are very intelligent and will follow you around all day. From gardening to taking out the bins, they want to be heavily involved in whatever it is you are doing. Even if it is just going to the bathroom…

They can jump, really high. Jack Russells are made for running up tree trunks in pursuit of squirrels and other cute and terrified animals. They have strong back legs and can leap over any fence or gate you thought would be ample big enough to keep them in!

They have flat backs, especially in later years, from upside down naps and rolling around on squashed toads. The flat back serves as a strong base, needed for the inordinate amount of tail wagging every-time you step in the front door.

How to train a Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell facts 101

They shed hair, a lot. Although they don’t need a lot of bathing, sometimes washing a JR after various ‘incidents’ (see squashed toad above) can cause dry skin and excessive malting. A pet vacuum can be one of the best purchases for a Jack Russell owner.

They have big personalities. JRs think that the world revolves around them, and well generally it does, but they can get possessive and nippy if they think they’re the alpha. They need to know their place in the family, through positive reinforcement and easy training Jack Russells can be great family dogs and excel at tricks and even agility.

They have great claws made for digging. JRs love nothing more than digging a big ol’ hole. Though it can sometimes be dangerous to encourage them to explore holes (due to lurking badgers), digging is a great way to let off steam. JRs need a lot of exercise; digging, swimming, walking, running, playing tug, chasing squirrels, jumping around, you name it anything to release all of that happy energy. A bored Russell is a grumpy (and often yappy) Russell, the key to stop a Jack Russell barking is to keep them busy. Get some indestructible toys or a lick mat to distract them from barking.

Interesting facts about Jack Russells

Jack Russells are working dogs, originally bred for fox hunting, they are great for pest control. But it can be hard to keep Jack Russells with other small pets (like chickens) due to their hunting instincts. Find out more Jack Russell terrier info here.

Jack Russell Terrier Breed Info

Jack Russell breed info

The Jack Russell was named after Reverend John Russell who first created the breed from a white-coated Fox Terrier. They can have three different types of coat; smooth, rough or broken usually with a mix of white, black and tan. Shorties are the most well known short-legged dogs with stocky legs and bowed elbows. Long-legged Jack Russells are less common, they are usually Parson Russell Terriers.

Fun facts about Jack Russells

Most Jack Russells are descended from a bitch called Trump (no politics on this site!).

A Jack Russell named Bothy made history in 1982 as part of the Transglobe Expedition. Owned by explorer Ranulph Fiennes, he became the first and only dog to travel to both the North and South Poles.

Many JRs have a bit of ‘little dog syndrome’, meaning they think they can take on every Doberman sized dog that looks their way. Although this can be an issue when off the lead, it’s easy to overcome with enough socialisation and patience.

Jack Russells make great TV and film personalities due to their intelligence and overall cuteness. Two notable JRs are Eddie, from long running US sitcom Frasier and Milo, Jim Carrey’s budding sidekick in the mask. 

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